Primescan Technology

Unsurpassed Precision with Primescan

Primescan technology is a revolutionary approach to digital dentistry, enabling us to capture high-precision 3D scans of your oral cavity in mere minutes. The advanced scanning process of Primescan enables us to create an impressively detailed and accurate digital model of your teeth, giving us the valuable insights necessary to design more effective treatment plans.

Pioneering Comfort and Speed

Beyond superior accuracy, Primescan boosts patient comfort and streamlines the procedure process. Traditional dental impressions can be time-consuming and often uncomfortable. With Primescan, these challenges are in the past. The fast, effortless scanning procedure aids in reducing chair time and ensures an overall comfortable, efficient, and stress-free experience for our patients.

Enabling Tailored Treatment Plans

By creating a clear visual representation of your dental condition, Primescan technology allows us to better understand your oral health needs and personalize your treatment plan accordingly. This revolutionary tool guides us in making precise diagnostics and informed recommendations about the optimal steps for your individual oral health journey.

Increased Treatment Effectiveness

Primescan’s ability to render ultra-high resolution images not only makes the diagnoses more accurate, it also maximizes the effectiveness of treatments. Whether it’s restorative work or cosmetic dental procedures, the high-quality digital impressions successfully guide us in delivering outstanding results.

First Arrow Dental, powered with Primescan technology, is committed to delivering excellent care and results. Blending advanced technology with our deep expertise in dentistry, we assure you of an exceptional dental experience. Take a step into the future of oral health with us today.